Friday, 25 August 2017

A New Story

Please don't die of shock, but I have a new story coming soon!!

All the details are still under lock and key...but I've written it and now I'm editing that means it's almost real :)

But I'm still learning my writing process and it's a little frustrating to me. This is sort of what I do:
  • I have some general waffly idea
  • Characters appear
  • I do some blue sky work in my brain, throwing up and discarding ideas, mostly about the story or backstory
  • I begin to write and the characters start taking shape and telling me their story (I know that sounds weird)
  • I keep writing, and doubting, and thinking, and writing
  • I get to a point when I'm sure it's awful and I might send it to a few writer mates. Sometimes I'll know what's wrong, sometimes I need someone to tell me, sometimes discussing will shine lights
  • Then I go back and start fixing the mess I made until it's something I'm happy to submit (this is the part I hate the most because I'm so unsure of what I'm doing in this bit - am I making it better or worse!?)
  • Then edits come back and I like this part where I get to polish with someone's helpful prodding and expertise. Sometimes I have no recollection of some of the scenes or events, and that's a bit scary.

But that's kind of how I work.

And with this new story, I messed up the hero. I knew he was wrong, but not how he was wrong. So I sent him out to my mates and we worked out how he was wrong.

I submitted.

Edits come back - the hero is fine but the heroine is messed up! LOL! But she's nowhere near as messed up as the hero was initially - she's much more easily fixed.

And so I'm fixing. And relearning the story and the characters, and falling in love with their world all over again.

I can't wait to share more with you. Soon I hope!

Cath xox


Sue Gerhardt Griffiths said...

Hi Catherine,

loved reading your blog post, can't wait to hear more about the story you're writing. Now, you didn't mention if it's a rural romance or something else? Or is that under lock and key too? Lol.

Love that gorgeous beach photo!

Sue xoxo

Catherine said...

Hi Sue,
Sorry for huge delay - I've been away.

It's a hero and heroine who are from rural NSW (Grong Grong, near Narrandera) but are now living and working in Sydney. She's off a farm, he's from the town.

It's a romance.

So, I guess it's almost a rural romance! :)

Thanks for stopping by and being a great supporter.
Cath xox

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